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That picture of little Alan Kurdi’s dead body on the beach has focused the world’s attention on the plight of thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing from the horrors of the Middle East. Media updates, editorials, opinion columns, politicians: all are agreed that something has to be done. As we see the images and hear the details of their suffering, we agree. But we puzzle what we in our little corner of the peninsula could actually do. We’re so little….

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I’ve done it for more than 30 years, and so it happens almost without consciously thinking through the steps. Try to put it into words then – it’s like describing to a novice driver what you’ve done for years with the steering wheel, the brake pedal, the accelerator, the indicator (and perhaps the clutch and gear lever) as you take your vehicle through an intersection…. Continue reading How do I Make a Sermon?

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From January 16 to 18, the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary hosted a conference in Ancaster church on the topic caught in the title of this Bit to Read. Actually, they used a big name for the topic: hermeneutics. But they explained what they meant with the term: how does one correctly handle the Word of truth in today’s postmodern world? It comes down to: how are we to read the Bible? Continue reading How are we to Read the Bible?

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