Mission and Outreach

Local Outreach

Together as a congregation, the Canadian Reformed Church of Smithville…

Openly Invites Everyone to Our Sunday Services

God, in his love for us has given us his Word and instructed us to share it with others around us. So, when we gather for worship on Sunday, we do so in the hopes that many will come and hear the good news of the gospel with us. Since faith comes by the hearing of God’s Word (Rom. 10:17), we welcome all to join us and experience God and his grace as we worship together.

Seeks to be a Good Neighbour

As a church which gathers in the central location of Smithville, we also recognize our role as a neighbour within the community. We enjoy giving assistance and support to our neighbours when the need arises and hosting neighbourhood events in the Smithville area, supporting a number of local charities and charitable initiatives.

West Lincoln Community Care

West Lincoln Community Care provides food and emergency assistance for needy families and individuals in the Township of West Lincoln. We are happy to support this ministry throughout the year by various collections for food, clothing, personal items, and financial aid.  Volunteers are always welcomed, and can also be utilized at the Community Cabin local store.

For more information about West Lincoln Community Care, including Food Bank and Community Cabin hours of operation, visit their website here.

Grimsby Life Centre

Grimsby Life Centre is committed to providing practical and compassionate care, guidance and support for the needs of in our community. These areas of care include: family & marital guidance, individual support, youth and child support, biblical counselling, abstinence education, post-abortion support, anger management, depression support, pregnancy support, and referrals to other agencies.

All services are confidential and free of charge. Financial support is provided by local area churches, private individuals and local businesses.

To learn more about the ministry and volunteer opportunities the Grimsby Life Centre website here.

Loaf of Bread

“Loaf of Bread” is an initiative that began in 2013 by the sponsorship and volunteer help of local churches and community members to offer a full home cooked meal to bring encouragement and support to those who could benefit from a solid meal or from the social opportunity it provides.  Volunteers are needed in food preparation and serving & hospitality.

For more information about Loaf of Bread and volunteering opportunities, email our Home Mission Committee representative.

Foreign Mission

Mission Timor

The Canadian Reformed Church of Smithville supports Rev. Edwer Dethan and his wife Femmy along with their 4 children as they seek to bring God’s word to the people in West Timor.

For more information about Mission Timor, get in touch with our Secretary of the Board of Mission Timor.

Questions about Mission and Outreach? Get in touch.

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